Recently, I helped the Lammonds family move to Nashville. Their career brought them here, and 1 year later, their career took them somewhere else. So they entrusted us with finding a buyer for their home. The Nashville market is hot right now, definitely a sellers market. So even after a little over a year in their Spring Hill home, they gained equity and sold for a nice profit. We discussed with the homeowners some minor repairs they could do to their home to get it show ready and to make a great first impression for all buyers. We then went in for staging and photos, but everything was completely cleared out, so we got some nice open photos of the home for the listing.

Once we listed, we received a great over asking price offer and accepted it in just a few days. Both Tina and Lester Lammonds did a really great job making some minor repairs and landscaping for their home to get it ready for the sale as we discussed and it paid off very nicely. The home owners, the buyers agent, and myself all worked very hard as a team on this one to make sure we kept cost of any repairs after the inspection as low as possible – literally getting quotes at $6,000 and turning them into quotes of $500.

Many times the process of listing and buying homes never works out 100% as you wish it would. It is a very emotional process. There are always obstacles to overcome and so many factors involved, which is why it takes 30 days or more from start to finish to close. Closing dates may change, contracts have to be amended over and over, unexpected repairs may come up, appraisals may be low, etc. These are the reasons it’s important to have a good buyers and sellers agent. We deal with as many of the head aches as we can for you. We fight for, negotiate, and do everything in our power to overcome every obstacle so your experience of buying or selling is as smooth and stress free as possible. And ultimately, our goal is to make sure you sell your home for top dollar and/or help you find and move in to the home of your dreams. Thanks to all of you for making this a great listing!

250 Red Oak Trail, Spring Hill, TN.